Let’s create the future of health.

About Us

Mikata Health is a technology company based in Calgary, Alberta on a mission to transform the experience of going to the doctor. We have huge ambitions to improve healthcare for people around the world.


We believe collaboration is the only way we will succeed. We’re developing relationships with patients, doctors, and clinics that involve them as partners in every step of the design and development process. As a team, we work closely together. We spend time and effort getting to know each other and are there to help each other out whenever needed.

Data Driven

We see data and evidence as key components for decision-making. We discuss our options from a variety of viewpoints, and expect everyone to contribute to the discussion.

Problem Solvers

We’re in an industry notorious for its complexity and resistance to change… and we love that about it. The challenge of transforming the experience of going to the doctor is what gets us out of bed every day. We learn everything we can about the problems we face and then get to work on finding the right solutions for them.

Contact Us

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