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Mikata Health provides tools for doctors and patients to work better together.
Digital health, provider tools, practice management
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Today’s tools place an enormous burden on doctors, while sidelining patients.

Doctors spend 49% of their day on data entry and other tasks on their EHR.
Unengaged patients have worse outcomes and 21% higher costs.

With Mikata, patients can take on the tasks they are best-suited for and computers do the rest.

We create natural interfaces to enhance interactions between doctors and patients.
Our advanced machine learning and scientific approach means data drives our tools.

Patients know themselves best, but don’t know how and what to contribute.


Our tools allow patients to review and add their data, questions, and concerns.


Mikata redistributes data collection and entry tasks from doctors to patients.

Doctors want to focus on their patients, not their computers.


Our shared interface assists with note-taking and makes it easy for patients and doctors to review information and make a plan together.


Mikata redistributes data entry tasks from doctors to technology.

With the right information, patients can take the next steps in their care.


Patients are immediately provided with a summary of their visit and a plan in the form of a smart checklist.


Mikata redistributes information recall and follow-up tasks from patients to technology.

Redistributing the effort brings patients off the sidelines and reduces the burden on doctors.


Save 1-2 hours per day by reducing data entry and administrative tasks so you can focus on providing the best care.


Conveniently see your doctor, become involved in your care, and walk away with a summary and plan.

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